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Simple Blackjack Guide

Blackjack is such a simple game that it can sometimes cause a sense of amazement at the degree of attention it receives from the gambling public in terms of all the wagering systems that have been developed, all the strategies that are each touted as being more effective than any other and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of experts, who for a small fee, will reveal the secrets of playing blackjack and earning huge fortunes in short periods of time. There are plenty of Casinos that will give you free money to try out your luck before having to use your own money.

The rules are deceptively simple: draw cards to get as close to possible to 21 points without going over, whilst having a higher point total than the dealer. Any other players in the game with you, either at the table in a brick and mortar casino, or online, are not truly your opponents. True, you could have some impact on them and they on you in certain situations, but that is an integral and intrinsic aspect of the game. 

Everyone does or should know the point value of the cards, so that will not be here discussed.

Beyond that, how does one go about becoming skilled at playing blackjack?

Yes, there is a certain amount of skill involved, mainly in knowing what to do in various situations, when to remain at a score close to but below 21 (stand), when to take a card (hit) or when to partake of any of the other strategies that increase your odds of success (double or split).

One of the first steps for a new player would be to gain possession of a blackjack strategy chart. This chart very simply and graphically tells you what play to make in every conceivable scenario.

For example, if you are sitting with cards that make your hand worth 12 points and the dealer has 3, you would hit, but if the dealer had 4, you would stand. 

It gets more interesting as the total approaches 21 points. Almost all strategy charts advise standing when your total is 16 and the dealer is showing anything from 2 to 6 as an up card, but hitting if the dealer is showing 7 or better.

Did you catch that part about most ‘almost all’ strategy charts?

Yes, different charts recommend slightly different strategies.

Find a favourite chart, use it, and it will soon become second nature. Then, use the free bonus bets you received for signing on for some fun.

Playing online casino games

Gambling may interest a majority of people due to the money factor. Many people consider themselves good in some games and this increases their chances of earning a legitimate amount of money. Nevertheless, due to some factors such as state or country laws and location amongst others, not everyone is able to play in brick and mortar casinos. Due to these factors amongst others, online casinos are becoming more popular by day. If can access internet either on your Smartphone, laptop or PC, you have a chance of playing your favorite online casino game. Weather you are in France, Italy or wish to play live casino UK style, this is all available thanks to the internet. Furthermore, there is a chance of earning real money. So how do you go about it?

Sometimes this idea can be a bit misunderstood by new online players. Nonetheless, with the advanced networking technology, many people are finding playing casinos online a better option than real time casinos. All you need to do is sign up at one of the numerous online casino websites and deposit the amount of money that you need to play with. You need an online money transfer method like Paypal in order to deposit money in your account. Once you have money in your account, the rest is simple and you will only need to apply your skills in gambling.

The next step will be to choose the game of your choice. There are numerous games to play and no doubt there’s nearly everything for everyone. Going through various online casino websites, you can find something that suits you in terms of games, minimum deposits and bonuses. With money in your account, your risk taking skills are as same as when playing in a real casino. The common game available online include, Poker, Black Jack and spinning the roulette wheel amongst others. After purchasing your chips, you are ready to go through a real time betting journey.

The Top Online Casino Sites in 2012

From the plethora of online gambling sites, it is difficult to zero down on some of the best online casino sites. However, as we enter the last quarter of 2012 we have brought to you some of the casinos that emerged as the best casinos in the year 2012 and continue to look strong in the future.

The Jackpot City Casino
The eCOGRA approved, Jackpot City casino was voted as the best for jackpots by eGaming Review in Europe and by the readers of the Strictly Slots Magazine. Jackpot City offers prize money of $20,000 through their various tournaments schedule for blackjack and slots. They also provide a match bonus of $500 on two deposits and free spin offers on the slots.

Royal Vegas Casino
Established in 2000, Royal Vegas in one of the oldest online casinos. Having paid around £6 million just for jackpots, Royal Vegas continues to look strong and is without a doubt the best casino on the Internet. They also offer a sign-up bonus of £1,200 and provide a chance to their customers to participate in the International Casino Games, in which the top four players get a chance to win £50,000 and a Mediterranean vacation.

The large variety of vegas games

A large number of people love to play casino games. If you are also one of those people who love to play casino games, then following are some of the casino games, which you can play in both physical as well as online casinos.

Roulette: The roulette is a betting game, which all the casino games lover would love to play. The fun and excitement that unfolds in a game of roulette has made it one of the most popular casino games in the world.

Blackjack: This is a card game, which is played in almost all the physical as well as online casinos. In this game, a player needs to go closer to 21 before the dealer.

Keno: Keno is a lottery game in which the players mark randomly generated number and get payouts for the numbers they are able to mark.

Poker: Poker is a card game, which is in fact one of the most popular game played in the casinos. Due to the variations it offers, it is in fact one of the most loved games by people who love to play casino games.

These were some of the casino games, which are mostly played in a casino. If you get the chance, try paypal bingo as the variety might help you choose.

Popularity of Pokies

One of the most popular gambling games in Australia is actually an electronic game. The games are poker machines which are also referred to as pokies. So popular are the machines, that almost half of all Australians play poker machines each year.

There are many reasons for the soaring popularity of the poker machines. One of these would of course be the availability of the machines. Many machines can be found across the country, as well as at online casinos. Another reason for their success can be attributed to their features. The design of the machines as well as the jackpots offered all have made the pokies quite appealing.

Poker machines can be played by just about anyone of legal age. The beauty of the machines is that one does not have to have a lot of prior experience or knowledge to play them. All one must do is spin the reels for the change to win prizes. As the machines have increased in popularity, so have the jackpots they offer. It is not unheard of to find a pokie that offers a jackpot of over $1 million or possibly even more. Given the potential for substantial life changing payouts, the pokies have obtained more fans.

The design of the pokies has become much more sophisticated as technology has further developed. In fact, some pokies at online casinos are much more complex than those found at land based casinos. Features such as progressive jackpots, engaging themes and bonus rounds are making the pokies even better.

Most online casinos such as the Gaming Club feature a variety of pokies for the amusement of their patrons. Some of the pokies found online originated as table games in land based casinos. Now, they have been created to have online versions as well.

The best No Deposit Bingo bonuses you can get

There are so many bingo sites that offer free bingo without the need for deposit. You can go through the no deposit bingo site reviews to know their bingo jackpot size, game offerings and other aspects. Some free bingo sites will not allow you into their bingo rooms with bigger games jackpots and chat rooms. You can get a bingo bonus of up to 300% credited into your account by mailing an initial deposit. The following are the popular free or no deposit bingo sites.

Bingo Bytes
This site offers 750% on top of the first three deposits and 15 pounds free play at the site. By depositing £10 or more you can receive up to 450% bonus on all other reloads. According to wtgbingo.com, Bingo Bytes isn’t a top notch bingo offer.

Ruby Bingo
As soon as you register at this site, you will get 5 pounds free bingo. Furthermore by depositing £10, you can receive £30 free bingo bonus on the initial deposit, and 10% on all reloads.

Rogers Bingo
This site combines Twitter, Facebook, bingo and slots to offer a top notch gaming experience online. No deposit is required for playing on this site and you can avail 100% match on all deposits of £50 or more. You can also make your withdrawals easily and quickly from Rogers Bingo.

Moon Bingo
This is on of the best no deposit bingo sites where you can avail £20 free + and extra £10 to £10,000 guaranteed in Kachinga by paying just £10! You can play free bingo on this site and win real cash jackpots. Free bingo games start every 15 mins.

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